Granada Center and Albaicin Neighborhood


Come with us, we'll accompany you.

The city of Granada awaits you with our guides to discover and enjoy both the history and the anecdotes and curiosities of Granada.

During our guided tour, you will discover the ancient capital of the Nazari kingdom. We will visit places like the Cathedral of Granada, the Alcaicería, where the silk market was installed, and the Royal Chapel, mausoleum of the Catholic Kings.

Later, the beautiful Albaicín neighbourhood, a World Heritage Site, will remind us of the city's Islamic past, while we can also see other Gothic and Renaissance corners along the Darro River.

Get to know one of the most incredible cities in our country!

When our free tour of Granada finish, you will have a general idea of the city and you can ask all the doubts you may have with our guide whether it is about monuments, schedules or places where to enjoy the tapas of Granada or how to move from one place to another.

As we have daily practical questions such as the entrance tickets to the monuments, entrance hours.. We know all the changes that are taking place either in the Cathedral of Granada, Royal Chapel or the Alhambra itself for example.



2 Hours.


  • Plaza Bib-Rambla

  • Cathedral

  • Alcaicería

  • Royal Chapel

  • Albaicín Neighbourhood

  • Plaza Nueva

  • Plaza de Santa Ana

Plaza Bib-Rambla
Meeting point of our free tour in Granada, city centre
Cathedral of Granada that we commented in our guided tour through the center of Granada
Silk market during the Muslim period, which we visited during the free tour
Royal Chapel
Mausoleum of the Catholic Kings and the Fish Market (Lonja) building
Albaicín Neighbourhood
The old Muslim city is on our walk during the guided tour
Plaza Nueva
Possibly the most beautiful square in Granada, with the Alhambra and the Chancery (Chancillería)
Plaza de Santa Ana
A very typical corner where the most beautiful street in Europe begins, the Carrera del Darro